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Weifang Tailai steel structure engineering Co.Ltd. is one of the largest steel structure related produsts manufacturer in Shandong,China. specialising in steel building design, manufacturing, project construction guidance , steel structure materials etc. and has the most advanced product line and fully equipped inspection line. Tailai have 4 factories and 8 production lines now. The factory area is more than 40000 square meters. The company has been awarded ISO 9001 certificate and PHI Passive House Certifacte. Exporting to more than 50 countries. Especially light steel structure building ,It is a production and manufaturing system Technology of the world advanced light steel structure building components by Tailai introduced . this technology includes the main structure frame , inside and outside decoration , heat and sound insulation , Intergration matching of water-electricity and heating , and meet for high-efficiency save energy green building system of ecological environmental protection concept . The advantage of system have light weight, good wind resistance, heat insulation ,sound insulation, flexible indoor layout, high-efficiency and energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, etc. Its widely used to Residential villa, Office and club ,Scenic spot matching, Construction of New Rural Area and so on. Following is the sea view villa export to Abu Dhabi of UAE.1. Earthquake resistance of light steel houses, When the seismic intensity is 9th grade, it can meet the requirements of no collapse. 2. light steel residential sound insulation: wall sound insulation ≥ 45db;floor slab impact sound pressure ≤ 70db Thermal insulation, According to the requirements of the global climatic zone, the thickness of the external wall and roof insulation layer can be arbitrarily changed. 3. wind resistance: wind resistance can reach 12 typhoons (1.5KN/m2). 4. Light steel residential environmental protection: ecological recycling 5. Light steel residential safety: permanent building Foundation of the light steel villa:Light steel with heavy steel structure foundation: 1. Model M26 bolt 2. Expansion anchor bolt 3. Tapping screws 4. Standard Specification- China- standard weixintupian_20201212112259The electrical wire system in wall The electrical wire in steel frame with wire pipe ,and each steel keel have hole for electrical wire . weixintupian_20201212112259weixintupian_20201212112259Light steel frame of light steel villa, the specification as following: 1. Galvanized light steel keel and V model galvanized fastenings 2. Steel name: U type light steel keel, people called: Web steel 3. Light Steel is Austrial standard G550 steel 4. Every section frame is made up light steel keel with V fastenings : column,beam of roof, beam of floor , purlin, stairs, and so on 5. Convenience installation and shipmentRoof tile and breathable waterproof film on the roof , It is anti-damp,waterproof,as following: weixintupian_20201212112259 Interior and outerior decorative wall panel of the light steel villa as following :Exterior wall panel: 1. Metallic decoration board 2. XPS board(1200mmX600) 3. Breathable waterproof film (1.5mx0.5mm) 4. Light steel keel with heat insulation cotton: filling the 150mm glass wool 12kg) 5. OSB panel(Specification 1220x2440x9/10/12/15/18mm) Inner wall: 1. Plaster board(Specification 1200X3000/2400mm,Thinkness: 9/12mm ) 2. Interior wall use putty paint or inner decorative panel (client can choose the inner wall material as their like) Roof material: 1. Roof tile :Metallic tile 2. XPS board(1200mmX600) 3. Breathable waterproof film (1.5mx0.5mm) 4. Light steel keel with heat insulation cotton : filling the 150mm glass wool 12kg 5. OSB panel(Specification 1220x2440x9/10/12/15/18mm) wall and roof insulation material Fiber glass wool is been in the steel frame ,XPS board on the roof and wall body, it is sound and thermal insulation,as following show:Fiber glass wool is been in the steel frame ,XPS board on the roof and wall body, it is sound and thermal insulation,as following show:weixintupian_20201212112259weixintupian_20201212112259 Guiding information for buyer No. The buyer should provide us the following informatoin before quotation 1.Located of building ? 2.Purpose of building ? 3.The size : length(m) x width(m)? 4.How many floor ? 5.The local climate data of building ?(rain load, snow load, wind load, arthquake level? ) 6.You'd better provide the layout drawing to us as our reference . Weifang tailai can customize the prefab house /light steel villa according requirement . Coming into WeifangTailai , we will make your dreams come into true.Finished light steel villa weixintupian_20201212112259Door and window as following: weixintupian_20201212112259 weixintupian_20201212112259 weixintupian_20201212112259weixintupian_20201212112259weixintupian_20201212112259weixintupian_20201212112259 Inner door for finished of the light steel villa weixintupian_20201212112259

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