Decorative wall panel for light steel house material

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Metal decorative wall panel for light steel house material Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house 1. Good thermal insulation performance, which can greatly reduce heating and cooling energy consumption, saving energy expenditure 2. Fire fire protection, triple protection, non -toxic gas generation 3. Waterproof and moisture, avoid structural destruction, snow, frozen, fusion, etc., which may remove the possibility of water seepage of the wall after installation. 4. Insulation sound insulation layer, sound insulation noise reduction, internal independent confinement bubble structure, with a good sound insulation effect 5. Fast construction, cost savings, simple and fast installation methods, restrictions on seasonal climate and geographical environment 6. Environmental protection and durability, no pollution, stable chemical and physical structure, will not break down moldy changes 7. Seismic resistance, light quality, high strength and impact resistance, which reduces the burden on the building itself 8. Strong decorative, real relief pattern and rich color combination, give more room for building design 9. The variety of colorful color, more than 100 varieties such as brick pattern, stone pattern, marble pattern, and more than 50 colors for you to choose 10. Wide application field, renovation and renovation of old buildings, indoor outdoor decoration, and various new buildings, can be used as wall boards, ceiling boards, decorative boards 11. Life is long, and the outer layer is aluminum -plated and zinc steel plates. There are no need to consider rust or falling off. 12. Good cost -effectiveness. The cost of this board engineering is one -third of the cost of the aluminum -plastic board curtain wall project, and the decoration effect is excellent. --- Your company is factory or trade company . A: Our company is professional manufacturer of prefab house . Our main products include steel structure building ,light steel prefab house,steel material and so on. --- Can you installation ? A: we can send you the installation drawing to guide you. --- Can we customize the wall and roof panel ? A : yes , we can according your requirement to manufacture the steel panel.The decorative panel widely used in residential house ,light steel vllia, prefab house, construction building as interior and exterior wall decorative .-- Heat insulation and energy saving Compared with the traditional wall insulation decorative building materials, it has excellent cold insulation performance. Reduce heating and cooling energy consumption to a great extent., thereby saving energy expenditure.Good quality/price. -- Noise reduction and quiet and comfortable The core material is a thermal insulation layer made of high density polyurethane foam. Its interior is an independent closed bubble structure, with good sound insulation effect. It is suitable for buildings, hospitals, schools and other buildings near the noise area, which can effectively reduce the outdoor noise into the room and keep the indoor environment quiet and comfortable -- Environmental and esay to clean. It has stable chemical and physical structure, does not decompose mildew, no radiation, no pollution, green environmental protection. The panel also can be flexibly disassembled again after installed in the use of other buildings, the construction of the remaining scrap can be recycled, greatly reduce construction waste in the construction process, Is a high quality, high performance environmentally friendly products. -- Decorative and various colors can be choosed Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house Exterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-houseExterial-decorative-wall-panel-of-light-steel-house
Standard size 3800mm (L) x 380mm( W) x 16mm (H)
Area of each sheet 1.444㎡
Weight 3.7kg/㎡
Package quantity 10sheets
Package  In paper carton
We customized the decorative panel according your requirement if you provide us the details information

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